ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service

Abgent: Your partner in drug discovery.

As your partner in drug discovery and as a part of WuXi AppTec, Abgent is in the unique position to provide the highest quality “customer designed” antibodies validated and optimized in the application of your choosing and the tissue and model system that best suits your drug discovery needs.

The deliverable is a pre-optimized, ready to use antibody for use within the drug discovery pipeline.

For inquiries or to request a quote, please contact a representative at tech@abgent.com.

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Drug Discovery Pipeline

ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service Applications:

  • Target Discovery

    The path to drug discovery begins with identifying a potential target for the therapeutic and its actual role in the disease the drug will eventually alleviate. Once a molecular target of interest is identified, it needs to be validated by demonstrating that it is critically involved in the disease process, and that its modulation will likely have a therapeutic effect. Antibodies are widely used to identify, validate, and assay targets of interest including kinases, GPCRs, adaptor proteins, etc… They are also used to monitor changes in expression and/or protein modification profiles in a disease state. Abgent’s ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service offers custom developed antibodies for the users’ specific applications in multi-milligrams amounts and custom formulations (carrier free, conjugated, etc…) making them the perfect tool for target identification and validation.

  • Lead Discovery

    Developing the perfect assay is critical to the drug delivery pipeline: large libraries of candidate compounds will be screened through the designed assay to identify a prospective lead. Thus, the ideal assay has to be relevant, reliable, practical, feasible, and possibly automated. The success of screening primarily depends on two factors: assay reliability and diversity of candidate compounds. ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service can offer multi-milligram amounts of antibody for biochemical and enzymatic screenings, high throughput and automated screenings, and other cell based assays. These antibodies can also be used to measure the efficacy of a particular chemical or biological compound and to monitor off target effects.

  • Biomarker Discovery

    Antibodies targeting biomarkers can be used not only to monitor the efficacy of a drug candidate but also as a tool to identify a population or sub-population of patients who are most likely to respond to a drug candidate. Antibodies are also valuable devices to perform retrospective studies on historic patient samples to re-assay them and identify unique biomarkers associated with a disease state. Our ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service can deliver antibodies suitable and optimized for a particular customized set of applications and model systems, making the identification of biomarkers straightforward.

  • Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

    Once a lead has been optimized, it is crucial to collect more information about the drug, in terms of its in vitro activity, its mode of action both at the cellular and molecular levels. Antibodies are widely used in pharmacology along the drug discovery pipeline to characterize the developed compound. Abgent’s ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service offers antibodies specially tailored for the type of assays and samples required for transitioning from an optimized lead to a drug suitable for pre-clinical trials.

  • Pre-Clinical Development

    Before going through clinical trial, the drug’s ultimate safety profile has to be determined. Abgent’s Elite™ Custom Antibody Service provides large quantity of antibodies specifically designed for pharmaco-kinetics, and/or toxicity studies at the end-user’s requirements. Our ELITE™ Custom Antibody Service offers the end user with validated antibody pairs used to detect biologic drugs in animal or human samples in various assays.