Catalog Reagents

The Chemical Reagent Center at WuXi serves the global life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industry with catalog compounds, chemical reagents, purified natural products, and bulk reagent sourcing.

WuXi Designed Templates

WuXi templates/scaffolds are designed by systematically enumerating various possible ring combinations: spiro, fused, or bridged cyclic structures, and are further evaluated for lead-like properties, patentability, and synthetic feasibility. These templates/scaffolds have two or more functional groups as attachment points for library generation. A subset of these designs has been synthesized at least once at WuXi, which are available for purchase both on a non-exclusive and exclusive basis

Representative WuXi templates/scaffolds:

For full catalogs of WuXi templates/scaffolds and other off-the-shelf compounds (fragments, building blocks, library compounds, and purified natural products), please complete this request form or email or

Reagent Service

We have built a network of vendors in China with a total of >20,000 reagents pre-screened by our QC team. These reagents are now made available to you to meet your research needs.

  • Purity and potency analysis
  • Flexible packaging solutions: grams to tens of kilograms
  • Quick global shipping for in-stock reagents (3-5 working days)

Download Chemical Reagent flyer for more details

Natural Products

WuXi's Natural Product Center has the capability to isolate single active ingredient or standardized plant extract from natural sources up to kilogram scale. We have an existing collection of purified individual compounds from plants of Chinese origin.

For full catalogs of our purified natural products, please contact or

With comprehensive expertise in isolation, purification, analytical method development and synthesis, WuXi also offers isolation method optimization and development, and structural elucidation service.

  • Milligram-to-kilogram natural product purification capability
  • Isolation process development
  • Quality analysis of pure natural products or crude extracts