Peptide Synthesis

Our peptide synthesis brings all the benefits of working with the industry’s leading chemistry service provider to peptide and peptidomimetic synthesis. Benefits include the highest quality standards and problem solving skills to achieve efficient route design even with difficult chemistry. WuXi’s peptide service department is dedicated to providing high quality peptide service to pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and academic institutions.

By choosing WuXi’s peptide service, our clients automatically gain the following advantages:

WuXi Peptide

High Quality Peptides

WuXi’s stringent QC standard ensures our peptides exceed or meet clients' criteria. All purified peptides are delivered with complete QC data, including HPLC, MS, and COA report. WuXi provides a peptide quality guarantee. If there is any quality issue with our peptides, we will provide a refund or free re-synthesis.

Fast Turnaround Time

Within ten business days for most routine peptide synthesis

Professional Technical Support

  • Peptide chemists with more than 10 years’ experience in peptide industry will provide support whenever you need it
  • Detailed and professional quotation will be delivered very quickly usually within 24 hours upon receipt of inquiry, if there are no special requirements
  • Weekly or biweekly report (depending on the complexity of projects) will be provided to keep clients updated and teleconference with project managers is always available when necessary

One-Stop Peptide Service

Wuxi Peptide Services

WuXi’s strength in organic synthesis enables us to prepare any unnatural amino acids in-house saving time and ensuring quality, especially for reagents not commercially available. Clients can simply place a peptide synthesis order with WuXi, and we will take care of both the synthesis of unnatural amino acids and peptides.


Full Spectrum Peptide Services

  • Peptide length from 2-100 residues
  • Scales from milligrams to kilograms
  • Purities up to >99%
  • Solid phase synthesis and solution phase synthesis to fit clients’ projects
  • Combination of stepwise synthesis and fragment condensation
  • Fmoc, tBoc and Z chemistry
  • High throughput peptide library capacity up to 3,000 peptides / month
  • Free aliquoting up to 5 vials per peptide
  • Modifications (please inquire for additional options): Wuxi Peptide Services
    • N-terminal modifications: actylation, biotinylation, FITC, pegylation
    • C-terminal modifications: amidation, ester, aldehyde, alcohol, N-alkyl amide
    • Side chain modifications: phosphorylation, pegylation, actylation, biotinylation
    • Labeling: fluorescence labeling and stable heavy isotope labeling
    • Structural modifications: N-methylation, cyclization including disulfide bridge and amide bond cyclization and stapled peptide
    • Conjugations: KLH and BSA conjugation


Synthesis of Complicated Peptides

Wuxi Peptide Services

WuXi’s peptide chemistry expertise enables us to synthesize complicated peptides, such as disulfide bridged peptides, over 100 residues peptides, multiple phosphorylated peptides, glycopeptides, peptidomimetics, etc.


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