Separation Technology

Our dedicated purification team offers SFC and HPLC chiral purification services from a scale of milligrams to tens of kilograms, with high quality, efficiency and fast turnaround. Our expertise is complemented with a full range of state-of-the-art instruments, including analytical SFC-MS, prep-SFC and prep-HPLC.

Large-Scale Purification

  • Both chiral and achiral
  • SFC, HPLC, MPLC platform with columns up to 11 cm in diameter
  • Capability to separate multiple kilograms per day

Chiral Separation

  • Chiral separation method development
  • Milligram scale chiral separation
  • Large scale (multi-kg) chiral separation
  • Determination of e.e of chiral compounds
  • Racemization study of purified enantiomers

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