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Global eCommerce Platform 

WuXi AppTec is thrilled to introduce LabNetwork, the new eCommerce platform connecting buyers and sellers of research chemicals around the world.


Why Use LabNetwork?

  • The WuXi AppTec Catalog Platform

LabNetwork is the procurement platform for WuXi AppTec chemical catalog products.  Over 112,000 products are available, including the WuXi screening compound and fragment libraries, building blocks and reagent products.

  • Global Solutions Brings New Products to Your Doorstep

Through the WuXi network and industry knowledge, LabNetwork has identified and qualified dozens of quality suppliers that have previously lacked the resources to bring products to the global market. Now, with the assistance of LabNetwork, their products are available to the global research community for the first time. Labnetwork provides suppliers with local warehousing, handling and logistics services, along with global compliance solutions including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labels and more.  

  • Diverse Supplier Base

LabNetwork will feature the key research chemicals suppliers for medicinal chemistry and drug discovery. From screening compounds, scaffolds and building blocks to reagents and biological products, LabNetwork’s supplier base covers all the needs. And our unique and multifaceted supplier rating system will ensure only quality suppliers are listed.

  • One-Stop Shopping

LabNetwork streamlines the procurement process for you as the buyer. Multiple supplier products can be consolidated onto a single order and a single invoice. We streamline payments, logistics and order tracking.

  • State-of-the-Art eCommerce System

The site shows real-time inventory and updated prices, along with physical property data and other features. Of course, the site also features state-of-the-art tools such as structure search, shopping cart, order tracking and management.

  • Punchout and Transaction Integration

The LabNetwork team is primed to provide the procurement solution to meet your needs. Punchout is available, and we will build custom solutions to manage all stages of the process.