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Locations in China

  • Shanghai Headquarters
    R&D facility for chemistry, bioanalytical, discovery biology, DMPK and process research, analytical & stability, and cGMP-quality formulation pilot plant

  • Tianjin and Wuhan
    R&D facilities for chemistry

  • Shanghai (JinShan) and Changzhou
    cGMP-quality process development and manufacturing plant China

  • Suzhou
    GLP preclinical drug safety evaluation center; biological research reagent products and services center

  • Wuxi
    Biologics manufacturing facility

  • Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou
    Clinical research service center

Locations in US

  • St. Paul, MN
    FDA-registered facility for in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility, toxicology, contract cGMP manufacturing and processing for tissue-based products

  • Atlanta, GA
    FDA-registered facility for microbiology, medical device chemistry, sterilization validations, package testing

  • Philadelphia, PA
    FDA-registered facility for comprehensive development and testing of biologics (including cell & molecular biology, analytical, virology and viral clearance), cGMP manufacturing for cell banks and cellular therapeutics

  • San Diego, CA.
    Facility for marketing, storing and distributing life science reagents to worldwide research and pharmaceutical markets

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