Synthetic Chemistry

WuXi is a global leader in synthetic chemistry service supported by a strong analytical chemistry team. We are committed to deliver the highest quality and value to our clients measured by productivity, speed, problem solving and proactive communication.

Extended Team

Armed with superb chemistry problem solving skills, our teams of well-trained synthetic chemists work closely with our clients in a concerted effort towards the objectives of client-directed projects. In this typically full-time-equivalent (FTE) arrangement, the client sends us the target structures, and we perform the route design and deliver the molecules. Whether the compounds are designed for the discovery of a novel drug, or a crop protection product, or a performance chemical, a close interaction with timely communications between the clients and our teams is the key to ensure that the right molecules are synthesized and the irrelevant molecules are dropped. The access to a central stock room of >20,000 reagents allows rapid start of the synthesis, and our dedicated logistics and compound management teams ensure expedient delivery of the compounds to the right location and in the right format for evaluations. We work with our clients to streamline the workflow to maximize productivity and to shorten the design-synthesis-evaluation cycle time.

Custom Synthesis

Our teams of synthetic chemists routinely synthesize reference compounds, intermediates, and product candidates from mg to kg scale (including GLP quality) for our clients. Our teams are skilled in both novel route design and route optimization. With outstanding skills in problem solving, our chemists demonstrated proven ability to provide high quality services in an industry leading success rate.

Please send your synthesis projects to us at, or We are committed to provide a professional quotation within 48 hours.

Library Design and Synthesis

Our teams of synthetic chemists and purification scientists have delivered >3 million library compounds to our clients since 2001. Our library design and synthesis team have the computational tools to rapidly enumerate ideas and convert ideas into high purity compounds for drug discovery. The access to a central stock room of >20,000 reagents proves valuable to library design and synthesis. Our dedicated purification team and compound management team are crucial to speed up the library delivery time to clients. The renowned WuXi-designed templates/scaffolds provide addition design ideas on both exclusive and non-exclusive basis. To explore WuXi Catalog compounds including screening, fragment, building blocks and natural product libraries, complete this request form.

Specialty Chemistry

We have built special teams to provide specialty chemistry expertise in fluorination and nucleoside chemistry.

Fluorine Chemistry

  • Special equipments to handle F2, SF4, and HF
  • Design and Synthesis of
    • F-templates/scaffolds
    • Fluorinated reagents
  • New fluorination methodology
  • New fluorination reagents

Nucleoside & Nucleotide Synthesis

  • Sugar-modified, base-modified nucleosides
  • Mono-, di-, and triphosphate nucleosides
  • From mg to kg scale synthesis
  • HNMR, FNMR, PNMR, LCMS, HPLC to determine the purity of target molecules

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